Strumming Some Heartstrings

Friday, June 18, 2010
bored at 7:15 PM

errrrrr. andito ako ngayon sa shool. wala akong magawa sumama lang ako sa mom ko kasi they have their orientation and since wala naman ako magawa sa bahay sumama ako. hahaha. superrr bored na ako dito. mamaya pa 12 matatapos ung orientation nila. err, gutom na ako. i wanna eat na. maybe mamaya punta nalng ako cafeteria to eat something para naman hindi ako gutomin db. ahaha. cgecge, later nlng ulit.xD

ciao! :)
you know you love me

Friday, April 9, 2010
life after graduation at 10:39 PM

So yea, it's already april 10, 2010. it's been 3 days already after our High School days we're over. :( it's sad when you know that all those people that you're with for four years will now be gone - well not really gone but the bonding you had when you were still together EVERYDAY. i'll miss it when i stare at our wall clock waiting for the time of our break. Laughing so loud with my girl-bestfriends along the corridors then suddenly our teacher will scold us and tell their sermons. I SUPERLY DUPERLY MISS THEM. trina, ann, ramsey, wana, pau, ethan, jerome, miggy, tuneh, josh, kev -- MY VALSALICE FAMILY, CHOCO TEAM, and my batch :(

goodbye HIGHSCHOOL, hello COLLEGE :(
you know you love me


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